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Tom Bernath – Chief TO

Tom Bernath’s extensive title experience is a reflection of his commitment to the industry. “I’ve been in title nearly all my professional life,” he reveals. “My parents were in real estate; it’s in my blood.”

He launched his career with Ticor Title over two decades ago, then went on to explore professional opportunities that included founding his own claims resolution company. But with a return to Ticor in 2010 as an operations manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge
and an intimate understanding of how the title process integrates into real estate transactions as a whole. During a transitional phase for the industry, says Tom, experience like his is a tremendous asset. “I had the great opportunity to learn from veteran title professionals who boasted incredible knowledge,” he explains. “Many of these individuals have retired, and the opportunity to apply the skills and information I gleaned from them has boosted my ability to better serve our diverse clientele.”

His customer-centric approach has enabled Tom to cultivate solid industry relationships; not only does he work closely with Ticor Title personnel including title officers, assistants and sales representatives, but he also communicates directly with real estate professionals who trust his expertise. Dedicated to upholding Ticor’s promise to deliver exceptional and knowledgeable care, Tom pursues ongoing education through a host of channels. “I believe that you can never stop learning,” he reveals. “I want to maintain a position at the forefront of our industry, and never to find myself having to catch up.” He readily shares his knowledge, noting, “By knowing the trends, changes and developments that are impacting title and the real estate business as a whole, I am better able to prepare our sales representatives to address issues with their clients.” Tom adds that he has been tapped to speak to professional Realtor® and escrow associations, addressing industry happenings and explaining the way title works. “It’s an interesting business,” he reflects. “Unless you’re in it, you never really know how complex the title process is.”

Tom appreciates the opportunity to continue his career with Ticor Title, a firm that offers a unique model and exceptional level of client care. “We have a local presence, with in-house teams that include underwriting,” he says. “This allows us to be incredibly responsive to our clients’ needs, and to provide them with the knowledge that is necessary to handle a range of real estate transactions.” He adds, “As a member of the Fidelity National Financial group, we are also tapped into a worldwide presence that has earned recognition as one of the largest title insurance providers in the world.”

Sandy Staley – Title Officer

For 25 years, Sandy Staley has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of the title industry, consistently challenging herself to accomplish new goals. Friendly and upbeat, she is a knowledgeable professional who is driven by a desire to excel. “I have always believed in the value of education and hands-on learning, which have allowed me to continue to achieve new levels of proficiency,” she explains. With the support and resources of Ticor Title, she offers exceptional service designed to meet the unique needs of her clientele.

Though she has dedicated over two decades to building a solid career in title, Sandy gained invaluable customer service experience early in her professional endeavors. Her loyalty is notable; prior to joining Ticor, she reveals, Sandy spent 18 years with another company. “I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to build long-term professional relationships through Ticor Title,” she says.

Sandy’s extensive experience and solid communication skills are well-suited to her role; she understands the elements involved in obtaining clear title, and is proactive in addressing issues and identifying creative solutions to potential challenges. Time and again, she has taken the initiative required to maintain the flow of a successful real estate transaction. Her positive outlook keeps her fresh; Sandy reveals that she loves the opportunity to learn and apply new information. “Title is never a cookie-cutter process,” she observes. “Each sale or refinance transaction is unique, and I take the time to ensure that every transaction runs as smoothly as possible.” Her positive attitude facilitates a process that, she notes, can be fun. “I’m not here to complicate things or to add stress,” she reveals. “I enjoy my work, and I try to ensure that my colleagues and clients enjoy the process as well.”

Sandy appreciates the support and resources of the team of professionals at Ticor Title, which has positioned itself to serve as a cutting-edge company designed to meet the ongoing needs of real estate-related specialists as well as consumers. The group consistently operates with a common goal of facilitating successful real estate transactions. Sandy’s efforts have helped her cultivate and maintain solid collegial relationships with individuals who appreciate her diligence, knowledge and commitment to exceptional customer care.

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