Tuesday, September 20, 2016

THANK YOU to the best clients/friends in the world!

Aug 15-17, 2016 Bellagio, Las Vegas

As the invite came a few months ago to come to an event hosted by our parent company FNF to be with some of the top folks in the nation as it relates to title, I was humbled and honored! Attending the event was quite incredible and seeing the folks that run our company was eye-opening and refreshing. It was awesome to gather ideas and a methods that my counter-parts across the nation are helping their clients WIN!

Lions Run with Lions...

As the awards banquet started on Friday night, I realized that our clients had promoted us to the 
TOP 5% of Title Sales Executives in the Nation! Wow! I was blown away and inspired! 

I was, and I am inspired to give everything I have, to help my clients win. To improve, to learn, to grow, and to win together is my goal. I was happy before, and this is truly incredible! 

To my clients, THANK YOU! This award is truly yours! 

My pledge, I promise to give it my all for you every day! I will help where ever possible, refer out where I can't, and do everything in my power to assist growth in your business! Thank you for leaning on my team and I as a resource. 

LETS BE LIONS TOGETHER, and go after our "UNFAIR SHARE!" Lets out hustle,  out work and out earn our competition together! 

IF you are with me, #GAME ON! 

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