Thursday, September 15, 2016

C.A.R. Asst General Council Exceeds Expectations at WEREP!

Gov Hutchinson speaks at the West End Real Estate Professionals 

Sept 9, 2016 

At least once a year we are honored to have Gov come out and speak to our group, and he never disappoints. He is witty, informed and to the point as to what is relevant and pressing in the real estate industry! As Assistant General Counsel for the California Association of Realtors he truly has his finger on the pulse.

Fortunate for us, one of our attendees did record the event itself, and it is definitely worth watching. 

On this day we had 123 real estate professionals in attendance, and we could have doubled the total time of the meeting because the content was just that good! For more details on, please feel free to check the website or search West End Real Estate Professionals on Facebook for updates and Speakers.

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