Tuesday, August 16, 2016

You think you know it? Ticor Online. by Ryan J Orr

Oh yeah, I know it. They are all the same right? And the answer is NO!

Property Data on the Fly.
www.TicorOnline.com -Web Version
Ticor Elite- Mobile App. Usernames/ Passwords are the same for both!

There are so many options inside our systems that help agents win each day. The best way to find out if clients are using our tools full potential is to ask questions, and see how the answers come in.

  • Property Data
  • Recorded Docs
    • Turn-Over Ratios, Equity and much more! 
  • Walking Farms
  • Tax Rates/ Supplementals

In our industry there is so much to learn and so many options to chose from that it can be hard to clear out the clutter and find out what tools are best! We can help you take the guess work out of the tools and will role play with you on how to answer the questions as they role in!

When YOU win, WE Win! Aka. Win-Win! 

Be informed! If you need an account or have not had updates and training on this tool recently, lets schedule it today!

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