Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grow Or Die-Team Title Guy! Meet the Team!

Wow... As the year blows past us, don't blink.. Life has a tendency of throwing us curve balls and definitely keeping us on our feet! On behalf of Danielle and I, THANK YOU! The month of April was probably one of the hardest months we have eve endured as a family and as a couple. Losing Charlie was incredibly challenging and I am sure we will face struggles for months and years to come. However, through all of this, we have witnessed many amazing things as well! We witness so much LOVE, that we were overwhelmed! It truly felt like the hand of God was upon us, and this indescribable peace took over us. It was truly incredible to feel His presence with us and neither Danielle nor I could ever imagine going through this without our Faith! Every prayer was and is appreciated, and in case you wondered if it works, the answer is YES. The outcome is NOT what we desired, but there are so many stories and examples of how he was working in and around Charlie! Danielle and I are grateful for so many wishes and we THANK YOU! Know that He loves you and wants a relationship with each of us! Lean on Him in times of struggle and success! I am open to chat with anyone who wants, and if you are going through something, don't be afraid to reach out. We are not called to do this thing called life alone! As for business, Thank you for your support, and please know we will move mountains to help you grow! Ryan J Orr 909-767-0718 Simple Search on Recent Comps... 

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Rockstar Ron Romero TTG Title Services Co-Ordinator Need something Immediately... Ron is a resource on our team, and he loves to help! Give him some love, reach out to him Today! Do you you have an Open House this weekend or a listing appointment? Let us help you get all dialed in! Check in with Ron Today! 951-334-6159 4120 Concours Ave 400 Ontario, Ca 91764

Nordstromesque CS Service GURUs! Lori & Gen- They ROCK! For all things Property Related... Lori & Gen Rock.. Our Team Is here to support you! 951-343-3809 909-748-5151 

Life happens and Faith, and Family have to rank first. Next week we will celebrate may mom and Paul as they get married in this new chapter in life! Change is always around us. We need to embrace and support, as we pray that our Lords hand is upon them and blesses their marriage! Please send a prayer of Love and support over them! God Bless Nana & Paul! Ryan J Orr Ticor Title

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