Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Returning to life... People Can, & have been amazing. #CharliesStoryHasMeaning

My family has a story of challenge and adversity, and we don't know how we would have been staying so strong without the support and love of so many all around us! Focusing on what we are most grateful for in such a time of loss. We have felt His love just reigning down upon us. I feel as if our Father above has been preparing me for years, and now its time for my family and I to trust in Him, and now to share the experiences we have been having as we walk in Faith. This message may not before all, but thats okay.

We are not called to do this journey alone. We are instructed where 2 or 3 are gathered.

What is your support system? Are you plugged in? Do you lean on Him for strength? Questions? Guidance?

I sure do, and we have truly been experiencing His love. Very truly I tell you, I have been experiencing it, and feeling His presence almost daily.

Be it and ear or a place to turn you can always call me, or find a small group, one you can plug into, and truly grow. Find a place to actively grow in your Faith and be bold! Unafraid to come along side people out of LOVE. His Greatest gift.

Who would have thought such a small, young girl could have had such a profound impact. Baby Charlie, I love you and hope Papa, and the big guy are taking great care of you!

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