Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peace through Adversity. #CrazyLove #CharliesStory

Normal, what is that?

Over the last 24-48 hours my family and I have experienced one of the most challenging and trying things I think any family can go through. The loss of a child. No matter the age, I know it can be absolutely gut wrenching and can tear you apart, can tear families apart. As for my family and I, we are truly leaning on a strength greater than our own!

Wild, right? Some may have a belief that if I say I am Christian, that I will have NO WORRIES, NO STRUGGLES. This is a lie and the Bible does not say this anywhere. When tragedy or things happen in this broken world, we need to have FAITH that He will carry us through. You see this crazy thing called "Free Will" and things outside our control come into play, and can wreak havoc on our lives.

I am so grateful for the places that I plug in, as well as my family. It truly has strengthened as the Spiritual leader of my home and given strength to endure the biggest tragedy I could have ever imagined. This last week at our mens study, we were studying in the book of John.

Sounds like a simple verse, right? Nope, you see in reading this verse we are challenged. We are challenged because, if we never speak with Him, or read His word, how can we tell what is of Him or not? Over the past several years I have personally witnessed and personally experience some incredible things, that I cannot explain by anything other than by His Grace. (or even referencing my dad speaking to God, before he went home)

We truly need to prepare our hearts and be the example for our kids, and I am truly grateful for His presence in my life. Fortunately, I have been able to latch onto a few groups and individuals that have mentored me through my journey, and they mean the world to me! My friend, my Faith Mentor as I call him, Steve Foster is an incredible man! He puts up with me and all my calls, and questions. I can't even thank him enough for being in my life. He truly embodies The Love of Christ!

Why do I bring all this up? Well, my best friend in the world, is my Bride, Danielle. We truly just had the worst event that could happen to parents, happen. For some this could cause division, fights, separation, you name it! For us, we have been drawn together closer than we have ever been. We have been experiencing and uncanny, undescribable peace that has come over us! We have experienced a Love from so many that has overwhelmed us. It has truly warmed our hearts. Its almost weird, because we seem to be coping better than we could have ever expected. It is my belief, that we are living the "footprints" Prayer.

We had an interesting visit from social worker yesterday. When she walked in, she introduced herself, and all the items she had to offer. She spoke of support groups, and grief counseling, and more. As Danielle and I looked at each other we smiled. Danielle responded, our Faith is strong and our support system has been incredible! We said to her because of this, we think we are good! We explained about our Faith in God. She was blown away, and said "WOW. That's incredible, most people don't have that!" Well, I am here if you need me.

You see, our prayers are being answered through the love shown by so many, and we are truly grateful for incredible friends and family. Through this time our family from youngest to oldest has become prayer warriors. Even our youngest at 4 years old is praying thanks and requests to the Father above. It is our hope that they always know where to turn in celebration, or in times of struggle! FYI, I am not saying this is easy, or that we won't struggle with it, we just feel His presence and LOVE!

Some may say its Brave to stand out and pray, and I say why?  I believe its acting out what we say we believe. Faith without action is dead. Where would be be if when things get tough, that we turn from our beliefs?

From my family to yours THANK YOU for your prayers and for sharing Charlie's Story. We believe that Charlie was here for a reason, and by sharing and praying, you give her life meaning! As we have chatted to friend and family we have thought about a vision. It is one of the most comforting pictures in my mind is Papa Orr with Jesus, greeting Charlie in Heaven. I picture Papa rocking her to sleep with a huge smile on his face.

So our prayer, #BEBOLD, unafraid, love on your family a little harder. Pray together WITH them and not just for them. Welcome His presence into your life! 

PS. We never know when God could be using us to answer another's prayer. Give heed to His calling. Bless and love on one another! 


  1. I just read this, and with unstoppable tears running down my face, I want you to know that I'm praying for you and your family, as well as baby Charlie. God Bless you all!

  2. amazing your faith is and the support of your family and friends is truly an incredible thing. Losing a child at any age is a huge loss and some just dont have the strength or faith to get through it...I didnt, my marriage didnt some 40 years ago. I truly believe after all these years that I didnt have the faith in God that your family does
    I was angry...devastated and just couldnt believe my child was taken from me my baby...As I read about your journey with this I have to wonder if I had not given up on our God how things would have turned keep the faith Ryan. Your God and everyone is pulling for you guys. Keep the faith and share the love you have for him and your family. Hugs

  3. You are an amazing husband, father, friend, and writer!! Wow! Your words and videos always keep me reading and watching...even talking about the most mundane things (like BKs) and you keep me interested! We are thinking about you all and sending our love to you in this difficult time! Your strength and faith amazes me! ♥️