Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Charlie rises as our Angel! Prayers to Heaven

The day... 

Where to begin? What are the words that can put into action where we are at or what we are feeling? 

The decision.. Well after 2-3 years of contemplating should we go for four, can we handle it? Can I handle it? To LETS DO THIS!!! And all the prompting of friends and family, both for and against! I must admit it was quite the process. And yes I succumb to the Woman.. Lol. Yes the woman usually wins. 

The excitement of finding out and knowing before my bride that she was indeed pregnant. Yes, my intuition kicked in and I knew before Danielle did or the tests even showed. Instantly we were elated yet, cautious. We knew there can be complications and wanted to wait till we crossed the delicate line of the "First Trimester" before we told anyone, or even the kids. So in true fashion, that is what we did. 

Around Valentine's Day we let our parents and kids know we were Prego and the excitement and anticipation continued to grow.. "Roses are red, Valentine's are sweet, our family is growing by 2 feet and a heartbeat!" This is how the announcement read, as our parents and kids screamed with excitement. The range on emotions was incredible and we were overwhelmed with the support of our family.

Gender, yep, with all these new tests we were able to find out gender and all the genetic testing by 12 weeks. Insane, right? Yes I said 12 weeks. So in true form, we videoed it as we found out with the kids. Most everyone was set on having a girl, and I wanted a girl, but thought, gotta be a boy! When we opened the envelope we were ecstatic! All the kids yelled and screamed.. It's a girl, and danced around the room! 

From that point forward the name game arose, and I, being stubborn, didn't want to play. I have lost this battle in the last you see, and all of our kids names changed in the final weeks, or days, or day of birth. I didn't want to get attached to a name unless it was THE NAME! This time it was different. As the Dr told us the probability of our girl making it, We couldn't help but name her! We wanted to pray for her specifically! 

Prayer works and warriors United! 

Wow, within two hours of our Dr visit with possible outcomes, we had 15 people come over and pray over us! Can you say powerful? Wow. The love and support of our family, community and Faith family was tremendous! The notes, texts, calls, support has been overwhelming.
Wow, within two hours of our Dr visit with possible outcomes, we had 15 people come over and pray over us! Can you say powerful? Wow. The love and support of our family, community and Faith family was tremendous! The notes, texts, calls, support has been overwhelming.

We were asking for a miracle and #PrayersForCharlie, and although the outcome was not what we wanted, I believe we still witnessed to some incredible things. We were
able to draw so much strength from leaning on our Faith, and from all those around us. Not sure we could have done this alone! The last 12 days has been a roller coaster of emotions, and wow... 

During this challenging time, our prayer life as family has grown tremendously as a family. I know that our kids have witnessed us in a time of need and challenge lean on Him above! We have prayed relentlessly together for blessings and for our struggles! Our hope is that our kids have experienced His love and grace, and in times of need they will lean on Him too! 

During this time, I have experienced more prayer in public places, and workplaces than I have ever experienced. Prayers were online, in person, phone calls, via text or wherever. The topic of God and His love has been paramount! Numerous times over the last week I have broken down, however, late last week I had a realization. I had been asking for a miracle, and I felt like they were already happening all around us. Through people and experiences it's really kind of hard to explain. "Life is but a vapor," we are told, and eternity is a long time! I am so grateful for our Lord and Savior, and His presence in our life!

Spirits up. We thought we had a sign that Charlie was doing better after a good Dr appointment yesterday, but it turned out God has a bigger plan for Charlie! This morning at about 2 am our beautiful baby girl was born, tiny as she may be, had the heart of a warrior! We may not know the reasons, and it was not our wish, but the Orr Family has an angel in Heaven. May our father in heaven keep her safe until we meet again. Say hi to papa for us Charlie! 

So as I pause in writing this, taking a moment to see the most precious fingers and toes, tears pour down our cheeks, as we mourn the loss of our baby girl, weighing in at a half pound, and 7 inches long. I hold her and pray for her asking God to care for her till we can see each other again. Wow.. 

As for our balloons raising our prayer requests and the countless prayers said across our country, We know they were not unheard. He must just have bigger plans for her than we know! So our prayer has shifted to, Lord fill our hearts. Give us peace and strength as we learn to understand. May we be steadfast and true and may we draw nearer to you! Thank you for our 3 healthy, amazing kiddos you have entrusted to us, and may we be the example you so desire.

Please pray for us, and help lift our spirits! 

In Jesus Name 


  1. I am so sorry and we will continue to lift your family up in prayer.

  2. I pray you and ur family find peace and comfort. I will be praying for u and ur family

  3. You have my heart, thoughts, and prayers. God bless you with peace, love, and understanding.

  4. My heart aches for your family, my tears fall for your grace and my prayers are with you all.

  5. The pain we feel here on earth will be released in heaven above. God's will is surely our goal even without our understanding. Our prayer life has definitely increased with Charlie's cause. God bless you, Danielle and family brother