Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rent Vs Buy- Webinar Role Play: Ryan J Orr

Have you been in the scenario where you have had a question, and struggled defining the value of home ownership as it relates to renting? 
How do you explain it? Do you miss some of the key points? 
  • How do you define
    • Appreciation
    • Mortgage interest
  • Gather info
    • Phone
    • Email 
Relaunching the webinar series focusing on ONE thing, one role play in a real scenario, and how to leverage regular conversations to grow your business. Whether, you have some ideas or just want to sharpen the saw, join us for this 20ish min webinar to see how to leverage this conversation! We will be doing webinars 2x per month..

This will be a quick and easy Webinar walking you seemlessly through this conversation! 
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