Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Change has the possibility of allowing for growth, fostering new ideas, and gaining insights into worlds unknown.  Though never easy, change forces us to think different.  Team Title Guy wants to ask YOU, what changes you have made lately?  While you ponder those, let us share with you some of our recent changes, and how they have helped us to grow, build upon innovative ideas, and gain insights that you can directly benefit from.

1).Grading (A+)
No tests here, only report cards.
We have a natural aversion to grades, they remind us of school and bring memories to the forefront of our thoughts. Why not use the same logic to bring concerns with the public records to the forefront of a transaction? Grading will soon be customary on your prelim.  Now you will know whether your property is "passing", or "failing".  As the Guardian of your transaction, how will this help you keep things on track and grow your business?

2).Short Sale Notifications

Staying ahead of the curve, and playing good defense requires accurate data and up-to-date information.  You now have access to both with our new short sale notifications. What could you do with real time notifications on your short sale?  Could this help you close more short sales? Ask us how to sign up.

3). Multicultural Marketing
A guide to homeownership
More and more worlds are colliding with one another.  Cultures are melding with one another, and the probability that we will work with other ethnicities is quite high.  Imagine being able to increase your business by reaching out to other demographics.  Do you have multicultural marketing?  We have gained the insights into various cultures and we have created materials that can appeal to those groups.  What could specialized and targeted marketing do for you?

About Us
Our mission is to be a valued partner of your team.  WE strive to provide you value added products and information to save you Time, Money, and to help you Close More Transactions. If we can help you in these areas, then we feel that we are doing our job.Change is never easy, but sometimes a little change can make all of the difference.
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