Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mastermind- LIVE w PASSION!

As I read the book the Answer by John Asharaf there are some great reminders of the things that we need to and should be doing on a daily basis! 
Here are a few nuggets about goal setting:
  • Give Your goals some meaning. Purpose- A monetary goal is great, nbut unless you attach it to something that stirs your soul, it is just a number! 
  • BE SPECIFIC- Financial, Personal, Faith, Family & Physical
  • Monetary Goal- Give Benchmarks- Net worth, Annual Income & the Gift of Giving...
Train yourself to take the actions daily to reach your goals. 
5 Musts in Business for Success! 
  • Believing in yourself is KEY! 
  • Become Excellent
Goals without Action are just that... 
Another great quote I found in the book was we need to "INNERSIZE" as compared to the normal word Excersize the body, we need to train our mind and continually learn! 
What have your successes/ Challenges been with goal setting, especially as we prepare for 2013!

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