Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's that Time Of the Month.. Watch Out!

Crazy as it may sound but month end is starting to excite me like it did back in the day.All the fervor of people shuffling around and operations trying to close out their books. The insanity of FHA Payoff's and the sense of urgency all around.
To many, it is a time of stress and headache, to me it is a sign of BLISS... 
For many of us who have been making it through the BUST, we went from madness, to no urgency, because there were not that many files.
To see companies hiring people back, expanding operations, and offices busy at month end means the world to me because it is healthy. It means no matter what any economist says, I can personally feel the buzz, and see the expansion happening, and IT EXCITES me..
And You? Do you see/feel it?

Ryan J. Orr
Assistant Vice-President
Ticor Title
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